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X-One® Products Comparison & Differences

Beside than the " battle " of Apple and Android, nowadays, we have another type of battle of the smartphone users, which is " Flat Screen and Curved Screen ". It all began when Samsung unveiled its first-ever smartphone with a curved screen, the Galaxy Note Edge. It was a jaw-dropping device in an era when almost all smartphones were looking dull and pretty much the same.

Therefore, for Flat Screen devices, we have the Extreme Series and Ultimate Pro series. Both Extreme Series ( Gold ) and Ultimate Pro Series ( Silver ) has the same function. The only differences is that, Ultimate Pro Series are made for mid range phones. BOTH of this series comes with antishock function.
For Curved Screen devices, we have the Stealth Armor series and Ultra Series. 

X-One For Flat Screen and Curved Screen

Besides, we also have many types ( features ) of screen protector with different function in these series of products to suit your needs. First, we will talk about the Extreme series, for Flat Screen devices. There are two type of screen protector in this series, which is Full Coverage and Non-Full Coverage. 

1. Extreme ( Full Coverage ) Features :
- 2.5D Curved Cutting Full Screen Coverage
- Anti-Shock
- Puncture Protection Layer
- 5H Scratch Resistant Layer
- Ultra-soft tough

X-One Full Coverage Screen Protector for Flat Screen

Products Available : 
Extreme Shock Eliminator ( Gold ) : Crystal Clear
Extreme Matte Film : Anti-fingerprint, Matte Surface
180° Confidential Anti Peeping : 180-degree privacy feature

2. Extreme ( Non-Full Coverage ) Features :
- 98% Coverage Flat Screen
- Anti-Shock
- Puncture Protection Layer
- 5H Scratch Resistant Layer
- Ultra-soft Tough

X-One Non Full Coverage Screen Protector for Flat Screen


Products Available :
Extreme Shock Eliminator : Crystal Clear
Extreme Matte Film : Matte Surface, Anti-fingerprint
360° Confidential Anti Pepping : 360-degree privacy feature, Matte Surface, Anti-fingerprint
ArmorVisor : Blue-Light Filter ( Vision Protector )

X-One Screen Protector for Curved Screen Devices

Now, turn for the Stealth Armor series, Ultra Series. Both of it are only available for Curved Screen devices but the Ultra Series does not comes with antishock function. Stealth Armor series is a upgraded version for Ultra series, the film has an upgraded Shock Resistance capability that can absorb up to 2.5X the shock impact of an original screen. Also, it comes with Self-Healing features. It has an inner layer of optical quality silicon gel that automatically detects minor scratches and typically heals them in a short time.

The advantage of Ultra Series ( Red Packing ) is more user friendly ( slightly easier to install compare with Stealth Armor series ) and it have the Ultra Matte ( Blue Packing ) type screen protector with anti-fingerprint features.

The Gorilla Glass Protector Series

X-One Gorilla Glass Series Screen Protector

Yes, we do have the Glass type screen protector. Although the glass can be break easily during your phone fall down or hit a sharp objects, there are some customers will choose a glass protector with a better scratch resistant and feel more like a original screen.




We value your feedback, we strive for satisfaction and this is our commitment. We introduce you X-ONE®️ Gorilla Series the only glass protector series from us ! Now available for Samsung Curved devices and Apple latest devices.

Gorilla Glass Features : 
- 9H Hardness & Scratch Resistance. True 9H Scratch protection. Tested under 9H scratch test of over 3000 rounds.
- Shock and Impact Absorption. Protect screen from cracks when phone is drop
- Japan Asahi Glass. With 0.3mm thickness
- Anti-Shatter Glass Technology. Preventing the tiny broken glass from splashing when it breaks, reducing the risk of accidental injuries
- 3D curved technology, 270 degree. Perfectly curved for phone edges. It creates a seamless bond of tempered glass and the body of your phone
- Superior Anti-fingerprint Technology. Nano-plating technology, the glass effectively disperse grease and oil, reducing the fingerprint and dirt from staining the screen
- Oleophobic Coating. Fingerprint resistance, liquid, dirt and grease repellent, providing easy cleaning
- Full Glass Body Design. Superior clarity and easy installation


Some people may ask, should i choose Gorilla Glass series or Stealth Armor series ( for Curved Screen devices ), Extreme series ( for Flat Screen devices ) ? The answer is,  if you are looking for a better shock resistance screen protector, you can choose Stealth Armor series / Extreme series. If you are looking for a better scratch resistance screen protector, Gorilla Glass series will be your best choice then.