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  • 360° Privacy Protection Layer. 
  • Full Coverage 3D Curved Edge. 
  • Multi-layered Composition (5 layer). 
  • Scratch Resistance (5H). 
  • Ultra HD. 
  • Anti-smudges. 
  • Oleophobic Coating. 
  • Air-releasing Adhesive. 
  • Anti-shock Layer, Puncture Protection Layer. 

Optic Defense - Effectively blocks 90% harmful blue light which causes digital eye strain such as headache, blurred vision, dry eyes.
Hybrid Polymer Material - Revolutionary polymer material from Japan which does not crack like Tempered Glass.
6X Impact Protection - Strengthen your original screen up to 6X stronger against daily knocks and hit.
LotusFX Coating - Smooth with easy cleaning surface. Experience the same smoothness you love from glass protectors.
True Color - Retains original screen clarity without the purple/blueish tint.
Anti-Bacterial - Silver-Ion protection barrier effectively kill 99% harmful bacteria, providing ultimate hygiene solution to mobile phone users.



  • Upgraded with DNA Guard Technology
  • Upgraded with Embedded “X-One” trademark
  • Edge Guard
  • Protect and Reveal
  • Impact Resistant
  • Low profile
  • Premium Material
  • US MIL-STD 810G Military Standard. 3 Meter drop protection certified by TÜV Nord.
  • Exchangable Colour Buttons. Coloured buttons included to personalize your phone case by adding a little color to it.
  • Invisible Edge Guard. The Edge Guard has been redesigned and built internally to preserve the elegant beauty of the device while maintaining the impact absorption capability.
  • Low Profile. At only 1.5mm thin, you can do away with bulky cases. X.One Shock Dominator offers a drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Slim Fit. Design with easy access to all features of the device. Maintain the original aesthetic of your beautiful device.
  • Camera Lens Protection. Camera lens stays safe under the edge guard. (more than 2.5mm)
  • Leather Matte Feel. Smooth matte leather feel for comfortable hold and grip.
  • Durable Material. Flexible and long lasting. Made from premium imported TPU from Germany.
  • Tactile buttons. Easy to press and offer quick response buttons with precise cutouts.
  • US MIL-STD 810G Military Standard. 3 Meter drop protection certified by TÜV Nord.
  • DNA Guard Technology. Provides more than 90%  of it’s absorbing capability.
  • Embedded “X-One” trademark. Use with confidence. The original maker of Dropguard Case.
  • Air Cushion Technology.  Air cushion on four corners effectively absorbs impact forces when falling.
  • PET & TPU material. Premium material keeps the case completely tough and stronger.
  • Protect and Reveal. Comprehensively protect your iPhone and maintain it’s original beauty.
  • Low profile. Our Edge Guard offers you drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Feels Like Glass, Yet Unbreakable
  • Upgraded 7H scratch resistance
  • 6X Anti Shock
  • LotusFX™ Oleophobic Coating
  • Fingerprint Resistant
  • Ultra Thin Border
  • Case friendly
  • Air Releasing Technology
  • Ultra HD
  • 5X Shock Resistance
  • 5H+ Surface Hardness
  • Ultra-durable Stretch Resistance
  • Anti Fingerprint & Ultra Oleophobic Coatings
  • Air bubble-releasing adhesive
  • Anti-crack
  • Ultra HD Super Clear Clarity
  • Case Friendly

• Feels Like Glass, Yet Unbreakable. Experience the best of glass, without the cracks!
• Anti-Glare Protection. Superb reduction of mirror-like reflection for improved viewing in bright light.
• Upgraded 7H scratch resistance. Fused with 7H surface coating for even better scratch.
• 6X Anti Shock. Now even tougher with X.One’s Revolutionary Impact Fusion Material greatly improve shock absorption capability up to 6X!
• LotusFX™ Oleophobic Coating. Coating inspired by nature that mimics the surface of a lotus leaf that resists dirts and oil.
• Anti-smudges. Fingerprint resistance, liquid, dirt and grease repellent, providing easy cleaning
• Fingerprint Resistant. Now even easier to clean your surface thanks to our LotusFX™ coating.
• Case friendly. Fits with 99% of the casing brands in the market.
• Air Releasing Technology. Apply our screen protectors perfectly even if you do not have any experience.
• Ultra HD. Improves clarity which offers vivid and flawless viewing experince.


Dropguard Matte Glass features

  • Clear Protection. Reveal the beauty of your original device while staying protected at the same time.
  • Camera Lens Protection. Raised height to prevent camera lens from scratches.
  • Responsive Buttons. Easy to press and offers quick response button with precise cutout.
  • Full Coverage Edge Defense. Air cushion on four corners effectively absorb impact forces when falling.
  • TPU + Frosted Matte Glass . Premium material that keeps the case elegant yet tough and scratch resistant.
  • 9H Scratch Resistant. Made from Sapphire Glass which resist scratches even better from unwanted scuffs and scratches.
  • Ultra Clear. Engineered using AR Optic Technology ensuring image and video quality will not be affected.
  • Ultra Thin. Does not add extra bulk to your camera lens.
  • Full Coverage. Made to fit perfectly your camera lens to protect the lens against scratches or damages.
  • Case Friendly. Compatible with most of the casing sold in the market.
  • Made to Fit Ultra Wide. Images captured does not have black ring or border when using wide angle lens.
  • Easy Installation. No bubbles after installation and leaves no residue when removed.
  • Rich sound experience. 
  • Big on sound, Low on bulk. 
  • Designed for comfort.
  • Last lasting battery life. 
  • One Step pairing. 
  • Smart touch controls. 
  • Widely compatible.


  • Keep Your Screen Clean
  • Light and Compact
  • Can be screen cleaner or sanitizer
  • Washable material
  • Works on all types of devices
  • Ultra HD - Super Clear Clarity
  • Anti Crack
  • 5H Scratch Resistance
  • 5X Shock Absorption
  • This is Not Normal Tempered Glass